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Network of General Practitioners and – community nurses

At gp4Research, we understand the pivotal role that primary healthcare providers play in patient well-being. Our network consists of dedicated GPs and community nurses who serve as the frontline in patient care.

From childhood through adulthood, these healthcare professionals offer personalized care with a holistic, patient-centric approach. They excel in communication skills and possess a profound understanding of their patients’ needs.

Our network encompasses GPs operating solo or within group practices, as well as community healthcare centers conveniently located near patients’ homes. This strategic setup allows us to deliver services directly to patients, either in healthcare facilities or within the comfort of their homes.

We are identifying, engaging, and training the most motivated professionals in primary healthcare. Our comprehensive multilingual training program, acknowledge by Transcelarate, ensures that our network remains equipped with ICH-GCP guidelines.

Adapting to the unique regulations and primary healthcare systems of each European country, our network operates seamlessly within local contexts, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Choose GP4Research for unparalleled access to a robust network of primary healthcare providers dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical research and patient care.

Innovative Patient Access




Our core principle is simple: „Enroll the patient and their GP!”

 At gp4Research, we facilitate patient access through our extensive network of GPs, reviewing their unique rapport and trust with patients developed over time. By reviewing medical records and the ongoing relationship between GPs and their patients, we gain access to a diverse pool of patients across various therapeutic areas.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Patient Identification
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Informing patients about clinical trials

Choose gp4Research for seamless patient engagement and recruitment, driven by our commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between patients, their GPs, and clinical research opportunities.

Home Health

In partnership with Medsource, we offer centrally managed home care services. Our expertise dates back to 2010 when we established a pan-European network of home care providers.

Choose GP4Research for comprehensive home health solutions, backed by years of experience and a robust network of trusted providers.

Local Technology support

At gp4Research, our local healthcare professionals offer invaluable support to patients in studies involving medical devices, wearables, or other technologies. We provide comprehensive training in technical instructions to assist patients and troubleshoot unexpected issues with medical devices.

This „human touch” not only supports patients but also empowers them to actively engage in the study.

Choose gp4research for personalized technology support designed to enhance patient experience and study outcomes.

Coordination and study logistics

Our team at gp4Research boasts extensive knowledge in primary healthcare and decentralized clinical trials.

We’ve developed an operational model that seamlessly connects patients with study sites using primary care resources. Through this model, we effectively manage and coordinate all activities between patients and study sites.


Choose gp4Research for expert management, coordination, and logistics solutions tailored to optimize decentralized clinical trial operations and patient engagement.

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