Meet GP4research Management Team at Family Doctor Day Conference hosted by Association of Family Doctors Brasov, Transylvania, July 6th-8th. Affiliated with the National Society of Family Medicine of Romania.


Subject of the conference will focus around specific skills of the family doctor, those that define the core knowledge and skills without which a family doctor can not practice.Whether we are talking about aspects of communication with the patient, the aspects of conduct, ethical and legislative aspects of public health or community or particular skills specific clinical family doctor is in a constant competition with the challenges of knowledge evolving .

Our speakers will be primarily family physicians, some of them with in-depth skills in specific areas of competence. They, organized into working groups sponsored by the National Society of Family Medicine, will give the approaches on topics related to pediatric cardiology, vaccinology, imaging, organizational development strategies etc.

Since many diseases requires interdisciplinary communication, we are happy to have him invited physicians experienced teachers of the faculty of Medicine in Brasov and
other medical schools in the country that will bring multidisciplinary disease management perspective.

Our workshop will be presented on 7th July by Janusz Kabata MD, PhD – CEO and Bohdan Tilack, MSc. – CFO. W will concentrate on the specific new opportunities we want to offer to FDs/GPs. We will be talking about the role of the FD/GP in the constantly changing environment of modern medicine and economy. We want to convince the doctors to join the clinical studies and participate in the development of modern treatments as well as improving their market position.