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Why family medicine?

The clinical research industry today is undergoing a major change and is looking to adopt and implement innovative ways to accelerate drug development and access to the market. The industry has started to look at patients not as “subjects” but as informed collaborators, whose participation is crucial to the overall success of the trials. The emerging concept of “patient-centric trials” is a new opportunity for both the clinical research industry and family medicine supported by technology, social media, and education.
If you wish to:

  • improve your patients’ care
  • engage your practice in research activity
  • develop your professional skills
  • inspire your staff
  • earn an additional income
  • increase the value of your practice

you should consider becoming a Clinical Trial Investigator with gp4research.


Why become a gp4research Investigator?

There are numerous benefits of joining our network:

Business development

By joining the gp4research network you will gain access to new study opportunities. We support both inexperienced sites by helping them to overcome the first entry barrier and experienced sites seeking new challenges. We put great effort into promoting the benefits of conducting clinical trials in our primary care network and delivering projects that match the capabilities and interests of our partner sites.

Contract and budget negotiation

We will carefully review the contract offered by the sponsor to ensure that your rights and interests are protected and fairly represented. We will do our utmost to negotiate the most favourable terms and conditions of co-operation to meet your expectations and ensure timely and accurate payment.

Training and quality assurance

Whether you are an experienced investigator or a newcomer to clinical trials, after joining the network you will have access to our comprehensive multi-level training programmes. We will also help you to improve your site’s quality management system by providing gp4research Standard Operating Procedures, onsite quality reviews, and much more.

Assistance in patient recruitment

We are aware of the challenges associated with patient recruitment. We will provide you with solutions enabling extensive analysis of your patient population and support you in the development and execution of recruitment plans.

Administration support

We stay in close contact with investigators and their teams throughout the entire project. You can rely on our guidance and assistance in completing and reviewing all necessary documentation, communication with the sponsor/CRO, query resolution, study updates, and logistics.

Who are we looking for?

Wondering if you are suitable to join the network?
Are you a specialist in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Paediatrics with a good command of English who meets some of the criteria listed below?
If your answer is yes, you should contact us.
Additional qualification criteria:

  • access to patient population
  • readiness to participate in clinical research
  • awareness of study duties and willingness to fulfil them
  • access to research facilities (basic medical equipment, physical space for monitoring visits, secure storage for archives)
  • PhD is welcome but not essential
  • experience in team working
  • open-mindedness, reliability, and detail-orientation


Consider becoming a clinical trial investigator or joining our netwok? Please contact us.